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Board of Governors

St. Benedict’s College is an educational venture of the Sylvestro Benedictine Congregation in Sri Lanka. The Board of Governors is its Supreme Body whichestablishes policies that serve as administrators’ guides for the day-to-day management of the College.Thus the Board of Governors of SBCK is comprised of a panel of well qualified and experienced educators from across the country. The Board of Governors of SBCK focusses on students’ achievements, allocate resources to needs, regularly measure and report the return on investment, use data in all the decision makings and engage the community they serve. Thus this Board is made of eight individuals. The Board meets once in three months and regularly supervises the College system and are committed to bring excellence to St. Benedict’s College, Kandy. The members of the Board of Governors are:


Very Rev. Fr. Shamindra Jayawardena OSB,
The Manager of the College

Rev. Fr. Yovan Saverimuttu OSB,
The Councilor in charge


Rev. Fr. Dr. Clement Gnanapragasam OSB,
The Rector

Rev. Fr. Gregory Fernando OSB,
Asst. Director of Christianity, the Ministry of Education


Rev. Fr. Emil Joseph OSB,
The Priory Administrator


Rev. Fr. Henry Bernard Wijeratne OSB,
The Rector of St. Anthony’s College


Rev. Fr. Shreen Lowe OSB,
The Secretary and the Vice Rector
Registrar of the College


Mr. Cosmas Gnanapragasam,
A Member in the Ministry of Education