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Science and Technology make human life comfortable

Science and Technology make the human life comfortable. Science and technology had a very long journey to reach the present world, it has developed rapidly.
Science and technology is being used by every human being to carry on their daily lives, thus humans have to base themselves on science technology. For example communication, transportation, Education, to gain information, to maintain good health and etc.
For, communication purposes the machines such computers, fax machines, mobile phones, and many objects are used. Computers help in communicate through the software such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Whats App and more software’s are helpful in communication through the internet. Computers are also used to gain knowledge and education through Internet. Internet is also used as a method of socialization.
Science and Technology is used for mass media purposes, specially the television, Radio, computers and others. Earlier the television were made in black and white but now the technology has improved and scientist have invented coloured television as well.
Science and Technology is also used to find information about the plants, space, weather and climatic conditions. The information is provided by the satellites which is made by NASA (American Institution which discover the space). In our day to day life we gain information about space through these satellites. The satellites which is in the space are made to a new technology. It is very useful for human because if there are any changes in the space which causes harm to the world it will inform us through warnings and also the satellites are used to prove that there are other living factors in other planets and that will help us to make settlements in the other planets in the near future.
Other than that Science and Technology have mode our work easier, specially traveling that in few hours. We can travel from one country to another through bullet trains and new air crafts.
The development of technology is proved by the vehicle named “Bell air crafts” that is the firt to brake the sound barrier in six times speed. The vehicles such as bullet train in France and the new cylone car that can also fly in the air and go on the road. These Developments show that after million years humans will have the opportunity of having settlements in the other planets.
Humans are able to move with science and technology which exist in the world, thus help science and technology to move some more further to capture the world.
Kuchila Amarasinghe – Grade – 09 A

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